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Off-Script: Tactics and Techniques of Feminist Errancy | Hors-Piste: technologies et tactiques de l’errance féministe

McGill University, Nov. 4-6, 2018
Free and open to the public

In collaboration with HTMlles: Feminist Festival of Media Arts + Digital Culture 13th Edition “Beyond the Hashtag: Failures and Becomings/ Au-delà du hashtag : échecs et devenirs” (November 1st – 4th, 2018)


Research Showcase Day 1 (Leacock 232, McGill University)

11-11:15 — Welcome and Opening Remarks

Vanessa Ceia and Alanna Thain, McGill University
Renata Azevedo Moreira, Studio XX

11:15-12:30 — Panel: #MeToo and Beyond: International Perspectives on Sexual Assault and Activism” Part One

Ayesha Vemuri (McGill University): “Whose feminism is it anyway?: An analysis of Indian feminist responses to #LoSHA”

Danielle Marion Roper (University of Chicago) & Traci-Ann Wint (University of Texas,
Austin): “#Rape&Respectability: The Tambourine Army and the Role of the Digital in Feminist Activism in the Caribbean”

Rhian Lewis (McGill University) “¿Ver al monstruo y enfrentarlo?: The digital [non]disclosures of #MiPrimerAcoso”

Moderator: Zyanya López Meneses

12:30-1:45 — Lunch

1:45-2:45 — Panel: #MeToo and Beyond: International Perspectives on Sexual Assault and Activism” Part Two

Arianne Kent (McGill University): “Historicizing On-Campus Feminist Student Activism
Against Rape Culture – A Case Study of McGill University”

Sarah Lewington (McGill University): “Find Out and Tell: Textual Interactions and
Women’s Safety Work”

Moderator: Yasmeen Shahzadeh

2:45-3:00 — Break

3:00-4:45 — Panel: Reworking Visual Cultures

Julie Ravary-Pilon (Université du Québec à Montréal) “’Please send a video of yourself breaking shit’: Fourth Wave Discourses and the Assembly Video Free Pussy Riot (Peaches and the videomakers, 2012)”

Nancy Kang (University of Manitoba): “Not Your Porno: South Korean Women Resisting
Surveillance Culture”

Aimée Morrison (University of Waterloo): “Abject Selfies: Pushing the Boundaries
of What Can’t Be Shown”

Lakshmi Padmanabhan (Dartmouth U): “A Feminist Still: Protest Photography and the
Aesthetics of Inaction”

Moderator: Kathrin Spiller

4:45-5:00 — Break

5:00 — Keynote by Marta Dillon, Argentine journalist, activist, and co-founder of #niunamenos
“The Ni Una Menos Feminist Tide”


Research Showcase Day 2 (Wendy Patrick Room, Wilson Hall, McGill University, 3506 University Street )

9:00-11:00 — Workshop with Michael David Miller (McGill University):
“Feminist Wiki-editing and Edit-a-thon”
**note: please bring your laptop to this workshop**

11:30-1:00 — Workshop with Rebecca Harrison (University of Glasgow)
“Doing Feminism in a Man’s World (Wide Web): Getting On, Switching Off, and Keeping Safe Online”
In this session Rebecca Harrison will discuss survival tactics and tips for sharing feminist research and ideology in online spaces, including blogs and social media.

1:00-2:15 — Panel: Institutionality and Inclusion

Juanita Marchand Knight (McGill University): “A Collaborative Labour of Queer Love:
Creating Inclusivity in College Voice Programs through New Multi-Media Art and Online Networking”

Marie-Josée Saint-Pierre (Université du Québec à Montréal): “Reproduction and Subversion in Media Portrayals of Female Sexuality in Three Animator’s Works Produced at the NFB of Canada” Screening of three feminist shorts, curated by St-Pierre.

Moderator: Brian O’Neill

2:30-4:30 — Panel: Artful Dodgers: Between Digital and Analog Media

Sofia Misenheimer (McGill University): “Women on Walls (and the Web): Graffiti, Street Art, and Self-Identity in Montreal”

Seeley Quest (Concordia University): “Sex Worker Mass Adoption of Digital Privacy Tactics: Lessons in Subversion”

Kate Bundy (McGill University): “Technologizing feminist wrestling performance: An epistemological and theoretical account of eco-feminist cyborg wrestler, Amazona Prime”

Moderator: Abbey-Leigh Heilig

5:00-6:30 — Artist Keynote by Jasmeen Patheja (India)
Action Sheroes Walk Alone Together. Signalling harassment on the streets, home, campus, workplace, web, and beyond

7:00 — Dinner for conference speakers



10:30-1:30 — Workshop with Jasmeen Patheja
“Social Media and Cultivating Spaces of Feminist Resistance”
McGill Art Hive, Faculty of Education, McGill Education Building (3700 McTavish, 1st floor)

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